derboo's Preservation Site for Documents of Video Game History

The below scans of various documents pertaining to video games history have been uploaded on the well-founded assumption that their commercial utilization through the copyright owners has expired. If you are one of the copyright owners and disagree, let me know.

Steve Bloom - Video Invaders Book on the history of video games, 1882

Dunjonquest: Upper Reaches of Apshai Manual Atari 400/800 version, 1882

Ys 4: Dawn of Ys Artworks from Game World October 1993

City Heroes Review from Game World January 1994, page 58-63

PITMAN Sharp MZ-700 HuBasic Source Code from OH!MZ August 1985, page 105-111

PITMAN Sharp MZ-700 S-Basic Source Code from Sharpentiers #15 (November 1985), page 65-66